This Chapter is Taken from The Book “Glimpses of The Life and Teachings of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi” described by Frank H. Humphreys.

Once Sastriar felt spiritually called to go and teach Sanskrit in a small town. He went. There was a vacancy in the school and he applied for it. Said the authorities, “How do we know¬†that your Sanskrit is good Sanskrit?”

Immediately Sastriar went up North to Benares, passed the severest tests, took the highest degrees, returned with his certificates to the little town, showed them to the people, and then tore them to shreds and threw them away. A well- known Sanskrit scholar says you can give Sastriar any subject, at random, and he will just walk up and down a few minutes, and then reel off Sanskrit verses, perfect in form and sense faster than you can write them down, dealing with the chosen theme.