During my first visit to Bhagavan, about five or six learned pandits were discussing about karma prarabdha, sanchita and agamya and not arriving at a conclusion they referred to Bhagavan who at once said in one sentence that jnana burns to ashes all kinds of karmas in an instant.

In another of my darshans of Bhagavan, a rich zamindar came in a car and sat before Ramana in the midst of many devotees, without prostrating to Bhagavan as others usually do. Then he spoke thus to Ramana, “All these people bring fruits or other things to Bhagavan and prostrate before him. But I don’t bring anything, nor do I prostrate. I simply come and sit.” At once Bhagavan said, “Yes, they bring plantains, etc., just like┬ábringing sugar-candy to sugar Ganapathi (Pillaiyar).”

Once I went for Bhagavan’s darshan on a Mahasivaratri┬áDay, I sat before Bhagavan from 8 to 11 a.m. and then from 2 to 5 p.m. Just before leaving Ramanashram in the presence of Sri Ramana, a thought struck me that I must have darshan of Sri Seshadri. Seshadri was giving darshan and blessings to many devotees at Tiruvannamalai for forty years, from 1889 to 1929.

Then, after taking some light meal, we went to the temple and worshipped Sri Arunachala and then went to see a play on “Markandeya” (being Sivaratri day) enacted by the local officers and gentlemen, in honour of the District Munsiff on transfer.

When we got inside the theatre and stood before the first pillar, to my extreme surprise and wonder, Sri Seshadri came before us followed by a number of devotees with fruits, soda etc. My uncle said, “This is Sri Seshadri! You are really blessed.” What a blessed face with Brahmanandam and grace. I soon prostrated and stood before him with folded hands. He leaned on the pillar. In a few minutes, he walked up to the dais and leaned on another pillar. Then he walked to the front row of chairs which were vacated by all (out of respect and fear of Seshadri) and he sat in the central chair for a few minutes. Soon, he got up on the dais and sat in the chair vacated by the teacher who was teaching a set of boys, including the first boy Markandeya. Then he got down and sat near Markandeya as a devoted pupil, with folded hands and closed mouth.

Soon he went into the dressing room and returning through the verandah, where the women were seated, came back to the first pillar again and in a few minutes he ran away and the devotees could not follow him.

This incident shows clearly that Sri Ramana and Sri Seshadri were both one and the same and my first thought touched Sri Ramana’s heart, which at once touched Sri Seshadri’s, and I was soon blessed with Sri Seshadri’s darshan. What a wonder! What a grace!

Ramana and Seshadri both God incarnate! May they bless all!