One day when Bhagavan was looking into the affairs of the temple building, I approached him and asked the following question:

“How can action which is subdued in a state of mukti emerge and continue to function?” Sri Bhagavan favoured me with the following reply:

“The all pervading infinite Self brings about the actions and they are done through the means of indriya karanas. The person’s ahamkara or the little self is doing nothing. It is also incapable of doing anything. When an author is writing with a pen he is so much absorbed in his ideas that he forgets that he is writing with the pen in his own hand. Nor is he aware of his body. Once the consciousness dawns that he is the person that is writing it, that it is his hand and his pen that writes it, the flow of his ideas is arrested. He comes down from the all- absorbing world of ideas and becomes aware of his pen, his hand and his body and is not able to write. The pen, the hand etc. are separate inanimate objects and the atma sakti alone is capable of giving life to them and make them work. Although the indriya karanas are there, yet at the time when they are absorbed in the atma sakti he will not write.

“Therefore, happiness and sorrow which are the results of actions do not affect the indriya karanas or the atma, the witness and Karta (Doer) of all actions. If a man were to see his reflection in the boiling water, the heat does not affect his face, nor does it harm in any way his reflection in the boiling water. So also the results of one’s own actions do not affect the Atman or the ahamkara “the little self.” It is a myth or maya (delusion). A man bitten by a snake in his dreams does not, on awakening, attempt to cure himself with medicines and mantras. The feeling of tiresomeness of the sukshma sarira due to overwork in the swapna (dream world) is not at all felt on his awakening from sleep.

“If one, in his own imagination, weaves that he went around the world in a minute, his physical body does not get tired. We, the embodiment of Atma have no sufferings. All things appear on account of myth. The lightening and thunder produced on account of the clash of clouds in the sky do not affect the sky. If we, therefore, realise that we are part and parcel of the big Atmic force, there is no reason why we should falter or get confused.”