As a solid is related to its own surfaces, so is the cosmic consciousness related to the ordinary consciousness.

As an ocean is related to its waves, so is the Cosmic Consciousness related to the world consciousness.
As hyper space is supposed to be related to the other dimensions of space, so is the Jnana.
Consciousness related to the other states of consciousness, The phases (Jagrat, Swpna, Sushupti) of the personal consciousness are but different phases of the other Consciousness; and experiences which seem remote from each other in the individual are perhaps all equally near in the Universal.

Space itself, as we know it, may be practically annihilated in the consciousness of a larger space of which it is but the superficies; and a person living in London may not unlikely find that he has a backdoor opening quite simply and unceremoniously out in Bombay.
When Rama writes letters, the writing of letters is in itself a complete job (perfectly satisfactory by itself). No answers are ever expected. I never write letters to receive answers, but because the inner Joy finds expression in that way for the time.

* * * *
Think nothing to be important. All the misery, anxiety, and heartaching arises from considering this matter or that important. We lay stress on the importance of anything, there we sow the seed of our future or present calamity. Take off this feeling of importance from all the centres of attraction. It is this sense of importance that ripens into attachment.

Carelessness is the highest virtue for a man who knows the Self.

True liberty is the accurate appreciation of Necessity.
I am that Necessity and being that Necessity am free.

Comparison or drawing contrasts is the root of all evil.

We can overcome our enemies by causing them to come over to us through love.

Why should man allow himself to be hag-ridden by the flimsy creatures of his own brain? Why should you be a prey to the bat-winged phantoms that want to flit through the corridors of your own brain? How common it is to discover a creature hounded on by tyrant thoughts or cares or desires, cowering, wincing under the lash – or perchance priding himself to run merrily in obedience to a driver that rattles the reins and persuades him that he is free.

While at work, your thought is to be absolutely concentrated in it, undistracted by anything whatever irrelevant to 1he matter in hand – pounding away like a great engine, with giant power and perfect economy – no wear and tear of friction, or dislocation of parts owing to the working of different forces at the same time. Then when the work is finished and no more occasion for the use of the machine, it must stop equally, absolutely – stop entirely – no worrying – (as if a parcel of boys were allowed to play their devilments with a locomotive as soon as it was in the shed) – and the man must retire into that region of his consciousness where his true self dwells.

No credit, no discredit to anybody. No personality, no individuality. One Power Supreme is the origin of all.

You in the West say, “O God, O God!” but you have no definite knowledge or methods by which you can attain to see God. It is like a man who knows there is ghee (butter) to be got out of a cow (pasu, metaph. for soul). He walks round and round the cow and cries, “O Ghee, O Ghee!” Milk pervades the cow but he cannot find it. Then when he has learned to handle the teat and has obtained the milk, he still cannot find the ghee. It pervades the milk and has also to be got by a definite method. So, there is a definite method by which the Divine Consciousness can be educed from the soul.