This chapter is taken from The Silent Power – Selections from The Mountain Path and The Call Divine – Ramana Reminiscences

Just six months after I came to India, I was left alone and had no friends. The person whom I loved died and I had nothing to attract me in life.

Quite accidentally, just for fun, I dropped in at Tiruvannamalai. I went direct to the swami but I was ordered out by his disciples as I had not taken off my shoes.

After bathing and other preparations, I went again to the hall and remained there with the Maharshi for two hours.

Then I understood that I had met someone, the likes of whom I had never met before.

I did not then know what was meant by words like Maharshi and Bhagavan. I had no preconceived ideas and yet I felt that there was something extraordinary in that man.

I was told about his teachings but they were far too high for me. I did not understand what they meant but I felt a strong and lasting affection for him. I was alone in India and I attached myself to him just as a homeless dog would to his master.

Afterwards, whenever I felt worried, I used to go to Arunachala, and sit in his presence. In the early days I would be asking questions, but later when I began to visit him more and more, the discussion with him grew less and less.

Then I began to visit him almost every month. I knew no sadhana or dhyana. I would simply sit in his presence. To my questions, Sri Maharshi would say: “Find out who you are.” I could not make out anything but all the same I felt happy.

Slowly some change came in me. Just as the egg grows and hatches only with the aid of the warmth of the mother I was also getting into shape slowly and steadily in his presence.

My mind became more quiet than before. Previously it was unhappy and never satisfied. Now a kind of security and peace began to be felt spontaneously.

I felt that Sri Maharshi was coming nearer and nearer as time passed. Afterwards I used to think of him whenever I felt unhappy. He used to appear before me and ask if I have not committed any sin. If I had erred or sinned, he used to hide himself for a time but later on appear and reply.

His affection was always there and as fire melts ice so his affection made my worries melt.