This chapter is taken from The Silent Power – Selections from The Mountain Path and The Call Divine – Ramana Reminiscences

In 1943 (or 1944), Dr. Jesudasan, known as Peria Annan (the Chinna Annan being Dr. Paton), accompanied by Dr. Raja went to Sri Ramanasramam. Peria Annan who was a highly qualified doctor and who had done his medical studies at Edinburgh, wanted to serve the poor. At the same time he had a deep spiritual longing, and spent long hours in prayer, meditation, and reading the scriptures. Some accused this odd sanyasi doctor of not giving his full attention to medical work and wasting his expert talents. He himself was disturbed about this seeming dichotomy in his life.

He went to Sri Ramanasramam and sat in silence before the Maharshi amidst several devotees. Solemn silence prevailed and after some fifteen minutes, Periannan ventured to speak out and seek Bhagavan’s guidance. Smiling, the Maharshi said, “Some call me also a lazy fellow. Do what you feel like doing.” Periannan realized in a flash that there was no real dichotomy in his life.