This chapter is taken from The Silent Power – Selections from The Mountain Path and The Call Divine – Ramana Reminiscences

People who visited Sri Bhagavan during his life time, could not have failed to observe the characteristic pose in which he reclined on his sofa with eyes closed and his head supported with his left arm, particularly at the time of Vedaparayana and so on.

Some of us devotees sitting around used to watch him intently during such periods. On several occasions I used to mentally pray to him that on reopening his eyes, he should bestow a look at me and I must say I was never disappointed. So, it was crystal clear to me that prayers to Bhagavan need not be vocal and he felt, knew, and answered the inner prayers of all his devotees.

Conversely, there were also occasions when I sat at the feet of Sri Bhagavan and intently meditated on his form with closed eyes, and most often when I opened my eyes, Sri Bhagavan appeared to be watching me. It is a great comfort even now to recall the experience of those exquisite moments which stand out so vividly in my memory. Time hasn’t effaced even a fraction of those vistas.