As a matter of my immediate spiritual experience, Sri Ramana is the living, talking, seeing, guiding transcendental Reality, bent on transfiguring with its Light the higher levels of our purified consciousness. Sri Ramana is here and now with us; he is more easily accessible to us now than he was when environed in the limitations of a bodily mansion; he is more palpable to our inner faith and thought and spirit now than when the glimpses of his Godhead were given us through the half-closed eyes of the clay-tenement he indwelt at Arunachala. Offer Sri Ramana the conditions of the devotion of your heart, the earnest longing of your soul, the mountain- moving faith in him, a certain receptivity of the Light and Grace of his all-pervading Presence. He is standing as a Reality, more real than your physical experiences, than your mental preoccupations, awaiting to be touched, felt and known by you. The Powers and the Presence of the liberated Consciousness of Sri Ramana are here with us, to be sensed and experienced and utilised by our aspiring natures, by our purified hearts and minds. I know of a few sadhakas who have been directly contacting Sri Ramana not only in the hours of intense meditation, but in their normal life whenever they direct a single thought towards him. We would be in perpetual attunement with Sri Ramana if only we can transcend the heavy limitations of an egoistic mode of consciousness.

The central message of Sri Ramana was that we should subject ourselves to psychological self-observation, liberate ourselves from the ego-idea; grow conscious of the pure spiritual ‘I-awareness’ and live in it as he lived in it all through the life of his physical embodiment and is living in it now. By the magic-working offices of prayer, by the power of the sincerity of our longing for his Experience, let us elevate our consciousness from the brilliant impurities of the mind, from the insistent vehemence of the vital nature, from every form of egoistic existence; this done, I assure you, we would experience Sri Ramana’s living Presence here and now. It is the imperfection of our surrender unto the Maharshi, of our faith in him, of our effort to realise him here and now, that is obscuring our vision, the perception, and experience of his Divine Grace, Presence and Light. Therefore we need to take to a little more of intense inner spiritual sadhana in order that Sri Ramana may be a matter of our immediate experience: it is then that the Light and Love of all-pervading Ramana possess our entire being and gives us a knowledge as to how dynamically active he is in the higher consciousness of spiritual humanity. I offer my heartfelt prayers to Sri Ramana.