IĀ visited the ashram in January 1936. Besides the Indian devotees of Sri Bhagavan, I found some foreign devoteesĀ also seated in the Hall.

I was struck with the high spiritual atmosphere of the place surcharged with deep silence, Bhagavan radiating love and simplicity.

I am a man belonging to the Visishtadvaita school of thought and a reader of that literature. Being impressed with Bhagavan, I asked him how to reconcile it with the Advaita School.

After a pause Bhagavan said, ‘You have to work out your karma anyhow and you are saved’. Ever since I have been pondering over that upadesa and felt benefited.

The mulasthanams of temples are places where saints lived and had visions of him. The ashram is such a place and I feel convinced that the aura that was there continues today.