1. In Western countries Cupidity is known under the name of Love.
2. In India Cupidity is always looked downupon and the word Love is never misapplied. Love is always for God.

3. (i) Apagupta; (ii) the Swami who ran away from the princess, each is great in his own place; (Hi) Bhishma; (iv) Arjuna; (v) The Kashi student and Rani.

4. Never mix with all sorts of people.

5. The bulwark or rampart with which America is guarded is not the bulwark of cows as employed by India (?).

America is guarded by a bulwark of snakes or serpents. He who wants to reach the hearts of the Americans must tread upon these venomous charming snakes.

5a. The watch magnetized can work no longer

6. Snakes come quietly at night and suck the milk of the cows, and retire into the corner to digest it. In day time the cowman finds a quartz milk is gone.

Just so women in America try to act as snakes. Beware!

7. There was a child that was charmed by a snake.

The child used to share its milk with the snake, and
they played together. One day the father discovered it, the father killed the snake. The child could not bear separation. The child pined away.

Just so; if once you allow such serpents to charm you, work without them will become impossible.

8. Remember the story of the (an Urdu word) and the snake in butter milk.

How could Jesus pray for his persecutors when he was in agony on the Cross?

When the shell of an ordinary cocoanut is pierced through, the nail enters the kernel of the.nut too. But in the case of the dry nut the kernel becomes separate from the shell, and so, when the shell i» pierced, the kernel is not touched.

The new tune to which you have to set the old song of living.

Mother! Far away, one whom I love is very pad today. His heart calls to mine for help, but though I tell him how I love him I leave him still uncheered. How is it? I know he thinks towards me, I know I talk with him. Yet I long to see him, and hear him, mid comfort him face to face!

Cease, my child, from inordinate affection. Give me your heart, and let me govern it alone. Be the witness of earth’s joys and sorrows, sharing them not, Thus only can you keep yourself from entanglement, and attain to peace.

But peace for, myself, dear Mother, why should I seek? How can I turn a deaf ear to his voice that calls me, adding another pang to the heartache of a life, and go away myself and be at peace? Give him that inner peace I Let me win it for him, if Thou wilt be kind! But I cannot will to fail him in his need and loneliness, even to gain thy blessing!

Ah! Foolish one! Every thought of love that you send out to answer his, becomes a fetter of iron to hold him in life’s anguish. Hide you yourself in my heart, my child, and he too will come home to Me. For your love’s sake let your voice cease to be one with the voices of the world. Let it be one with transcendent love with infinite freedom. Only thu3 can you satisfy him. Only by withdrawing yourself can you bring him peace.

When a friend dies, every tear of his relatives becomes a mighty river to cross for the departed.