When I am pure
I shall have solved the mystery of life,
I shall be sure
I am in Truth and Truth abides in me,
I shall be safe and wholly free
When I am pure.

No jealousy, no fear;
I’m the dearest of the dear,
No sin, no sorrow:
No past, no morrow;
No rival, no foe,
No injury, no woe,
No, nothing could harm mc
No, nothing alarms me.
The soul of all
The nectar fall,
The sweetest Self
Yea! Health itself.
The prattling streams
The happiest dreams
All myrrh and balm
Ravan and Rama,
So pure and calm
Is Rama, is Rama.
The heavens and stars
Worlds near and far
Are hung and strung
On the tunes I sung.
Heir to the Infinite thou art,
In the heart is the ocean of Love.
“Give, give” – whoever asks back,
His ocean is dwindled to a drop.

* * * * * * *
No warder at the gate
Can keep the Gnani in;
But like the Sun o’er all,
He will the castle win,
And shine along the wall.

He waits, as waits the sky,
Until the clouds go by,
Yet Shines serenely on
With an eternal day,
Alike when they are gone,
And when they stay.

At whose feet rolling on
In years and days time passes by,
Whom as the light of lights the gods
Adore, as immortality,

On whom the five-fold host of living brings Together with space depend,
Him know I as my soul,
Immortal, the immortal.