“Guru Ramana Memories and Notes” by S.S.Cohen

Publisher’s Note

We are happy to bring out the 8th edition of this valuable and moving book on Sri Bhagavan written by S. S. Cohen. He was a staunch devotee who was privileged to move with the Master, was able to observe him at close quarters, experience his grace, study his teachings in the proper light and also record them all.

In this edition of Guru Ramana, we have included his small booklet Residual Reminiscences, recollections that are no less inspiring, hitherto published separately.

We hope spiritual aspirants will find this work both absorbing and useful in their quest.

SRI RAMANASRAMAM                                           V. S. RAMANAN

TIRUVANNAMALAI                                                        PUBLISHER


This book, as its sub-title indicates, contains some of my reminiscences as well as the notes which I took down at odd times during my long residence in Ramanashram.

The memories of a close association with its celebrated Master Sri Ramana Maharshi, lasting for more than fourteen years, are vast, indeed, but the majority, being of spiritual nature, must needs remain unexpressed.

Part I contains these reminiscences – my first impressions of the Master, his spiritual influence on his disciples, the conditions prevailing then in the Ashram, some

autobiographical reflections and episodes, etc.

Part II consists of extracts from my notebooks, where from time to time I jotted down the English translation of the Master’s answers to questions almost as soon as they were given. They cover practically all the questions which a beginner on this path asks himself and which were actually put to him by me or in my presence.

Part III is the diary which I kept of the last two years of the Master’s life. It describes, in particular, the closing scenes of his earthly career as an illustrious member of that divine race of Rishis, who for thousands of years have sanctified this land by their presence and by their sublime teaching of the Absolute. Seekers of whatever cast or creed, race or colour, have found in him their ideal of a perfect Master. With the crystal clear reason of Gaudapada and Shankara, and the peaceful, unwavering devotion (Parabhakti) to the supreme Quest, peculiar to the Vedantic Teachers and the path of Jnana, he satisfies both head and heart. Above all, the purity and love which radiate from him ceaselessly shed their beatific influence on all around him, justifying the appellation of

“Bhagavan” given to him by his very early devotees when he was still in his teens, in consideration of his rigorous tapas and the original knowledge of the Absolute which he exhibited at that tender age.

Vellore S. S.