Is the name given to the hypothetical basis of all ponderable matter that is supposed to be the primitive stuff from which all the chemical elements etc. are derived (which are taken to be one in essence).

Avoid all discussions “foreign to your purpose.”

The essence of “belief” or “Creed” is the categorical (dogmatic) statement of propositions.

“Religion” implies rather a condition of the mind and heart, an attitude, not a formula.

“Pure religion and undefiled” has never formulated a creed, has never claimed for itself orthodoxy.

Much that passes conventionally as religious belief among men is simply the debris of our grandfathers Science.

Much that passes conventionally as religious belief among men has no such quality or value.

Most that is vital in religious belief does not involve objective propositions.

* * * *
A “Logical Necessity” exists in our minds, not in Nature.

Science knows no “logical necessity,” for the simple reason that we are never able to compass all the possibilities in any given case.

* * * *
Most of the doctrines preached by the hysteric preachers of today can be proved to be (1) plausible, (2) to have logical continuity, (3) satisfying to the human heart; the gap being filled up by (4) the vehement suggestions of the hypnotic teachers.

But if plausibility and acceptability serve as sufficient foundations for belief, then belief itself is a frail and transient thing, no more worthy of respect than prejudice, from which, indeed, it cannot be distinguished.

‚ÄúThere can be no alleviation of the sufferings of mankind except in the absolute veracity of thought and action and a resolute facing of the world as it is.” (Huxley)

Be an architect of your own religion and I’ll help you in that.