Prosperity is the bond of love.

* * * *
Tears in eyes = water in fish and not fish in water.

* * * *
“The Directors of East India Company dealt with India as the Church in the good old times dealt with a heretic. They delivered the victim over to the executioners with an earnest request that all possible tenderness might be shown” – Macaulay.

* * * *
Reputation is an idle and most false imposition, oft got without merit and lost without deserving.

Is the physician responsible for the death of the patient because he foretold that death?

The logic and morality of the respectable cut-throats, the up-holders of legalized Theft and Organized robbery, virtually proclaim the principle that when “two persons do the same thing, it is not the same thing.”
By the perverseness of the evil spirit we get to think that praying and psalm singing is “Service.”

If a child finds itself in want of anything, it runs in and asks its father for it – does it call that doing its father a service?

Begging is not serving; God likes mere beggars as little as you do.

* * * *
People as a rule only pay for being amused or being cheated, not for being served.

* * * *
None of the best head work in art, literature, or science is ever paid for. How much do you think Homer got for his Iliad, or Dante for his Paradise? Only bitter bread and salt. In Science the man who discovered the telescope and first saw heaven was paid with a dungeon, the man who invented the microscope and first saw earth died of starvation driven from his home.

It is indeed very well known that God means all thoroughly good work and talk to be done for nothing.

St. Stephen did not get Bishop’s pay for that long sermon of his to the Pharisees, nothing but stones.
Milton, “Paradise Lost” – £ 5.

The poet’s fate is here shown in emblem. He asked for bread and received a stone.
The head-worker asks, “Give us a little bread just to keep the life in us.”
Answer: “No, not bread, a stone, if you like or as many as you need.”

* * * *
The hand workers are not so ill off. The worst that can happen to the hand worker is to break stones; not to be broken by them.

It is useless to put your heads together if you cannot put your hearts together. Shoulder to shoulder, right hand to right hand, among yourselves and no wrong hand to anybody else.

Honest and wise work is always cheerful as a child’s work is.

The worst and most wretched kind of Blasphemy – “taking God’s name in vain” – is to ask God for what you do not want.
“No one ever teaches well who wants to teach or governs well who wants to govern;” it is an old saying and as wise as old.