From Note Book 3 of ‘In Woods of God-Realization’

Legal Ownership is essentially Negative. It is the power to prevent other people from using* A man may have (own) a fine telescope but be quite incapable of using it, yet he has the legal power to prevent anyone else looking through it. So with land.

Property in the hands of one who is willing and able to use it well = wealth. In the hands of another man it may just as likely be illth.

A merchant distributes evils just the same as goods.

When a man’s chief pica is “the law allows it,” you may be pretty sure he is up to some mischief.

Legal ownership is mischief* True ownership is love.

Ownership is making a thing my own. I make the whole world my own} owner of the Universe.

1. Can you own air, earth, or a single atom in the legal sense of the word? 2. Can you command the waves? 3. Can you say to the little bit of camphor which you wrap so neatly in paper, put in your drawer, “Little bit of camphor, you are mine” and prevent it from leaving you? 4. Can you legitimately say to the treasures: “Treasures, treasures, you are all mine, mine, mine?” And there the moth and rust are duly and diligently all the while corrupting them. 5. Could you say to the body, “you are mine,” and be incapable of adding an inch or reducing a quarter inch from it?

* * * *
What is property? That which is proper to a thing, or right for a thing.

What are the properties of brimstone or oxygen?

So, man’s property is Godhead and Godhead alone.

Why is a stick cut in the wild woods, whittled, peeled, polished and transformed into a walking stick, the property of the man who laboured over it? Because, as for as it is a product of anything besides Nature, it is the product of his work. He entered into the closest relationship to it, he put himself into it; it has become part of him – one of his properties.

A man on board ship tied his gold in a belt round his waist to make it secure, and thought that that gold was his property; but when the ship capsized and he was in the water, he saw that he was mistaken; he found that he was the property of the gold, for it took him to the bottom.

Every object is a challenge to our Manhood (nay, Godhead) – till we have mastered it – and taken possession of it; and it is only ours when we have put forth our living power upon it. Jealousy is a glove thrown at our Divinity to master, own, and possess that object.

* * * *
In the accursed state of Civilization material objects represent Money, instead of money representing them.

* * * *
We take the knife away from the child because it cannot use it rightly, hence it is not its property.

Of disease, when did you ever meet an owner of worldly illth who was at ease – as your dog lying on the hearth-rug is at ease – who owns nothing?

* * * *
If you do not happen to have the means to go to New Zealand, set out travelling to Heaven. It is a longer journey and you will see more by the way.

* * * *
Materials are not to be worshipped, they must be commanded.

* * * *
England and indeed all “civilised” countries today are simply in advanced stages of mortification.

* * * *
Be yourself, enjoy all, possess nothing.

* * * *
Brahma from himself sheds and shreds the universes; I from myself; you from yourself.
History shrivels before the will, even if it be only of one man.

* * * *
Ah! Death – and Hell with thy gaping jaws —, into thee at length I am curious to descend; curious am I to go where the old empty masks of Fear and Disaster are kept, and see where they hang – hereafter useless forever.

* * * *
Are you laughed at, are you scorned? Do they gaze at you and giggle to each other as you pass by? Do they despise you because you are misshapen, because you are awkward, because you are peculiar, because you fail in everything you do – and you know it is true? Do you go to your chamber and hide yourself and think that no one thinks of you, or when they do only with contempt? – My child, there is One that not only thinks of you but who cannot get on at all without you.

Are you alone in the world? Have you sinned? Have you a terrible secret within you which must out, yet you dare not reveal it? Have you a face so disfigured that no one will look straight in your eyes? Have you a mortal disease? Do you feel the beating pulse of it in the dead of the night? At midday when the passers-by go to ‘arid fro in the bright sunshine, do you feel the shadowy call of it to another world? Are you tormented with inordinate clutching lusts which you dare not speak? Are you nearly mad with the sting of them, and nearly mad with the terror lest they should betray you? My child, there is One who understands perfectly. There is One who understands perfectly. There is nothing betrayed and nothing to betray. It is all straightforward. There is no fraction of your days, your body, your thoughts, your passions, which has not deliberately and calmly been prepared— and which shall not deliberately and calmly be removed, removed again when it has played its part. There is no prejudice here, or weakness or self-righteousness, nor any apartness at all; you are included, and all that is done and felt by you is done and felt at the same instant by not-you; whatever you are and whatever you do, there is One who will and does look you candidly in the face and understand you. You may recoil from that gaze; but if you learn to encounter and return it (whether in one or many lifetimes), you will see that from it at length all secret terrors, shams, disfigurements, death itself, vanish away; and you will not only not be alone in the world, but you will be a sovereign lord over the world. Apart from all evil – from all that seems to you evil – your Soul, my friend, that towards which you aspire, which will become you one day – your true Self – rides – above your phantasmal self continually. Do not fear: it is there. Through all the baffling and confusion, through all the seeming haphazard and labyrinth Darkness of life, it is there – overseeing, quietly selecting, directing, ordaining. It is lord of all. If there were chance, it were evil: but there is not. The Soul surrounds chance and takes it captive; and all experience – what you call good and what you call evil, alike – it takes and greedily absorbs, nor ever can have enough.

* * * *
The various professions, jobs and undertakings of mankind are mere excuses for existence. The very presentment of them shows that people are ashamed of life for its own sake.’ Really material life is unpardonable. But the really living person needs no excuses to make for his life. He is bound by no duties, under no debts.

O Death, take me away. For I would be the dust; and I would be the silver rays of the Moon and the stars, and the washing sound of the midnight sea; and nourishing sweet air and running water, for the lips of them that I choose; to pass, to put on the invisible cap, to run round about the world unseen.
I am the light air on the hills …. deny me not; my desire which was not satisfied is satisfied, and yet can never be satisfied. I pass and pass and pass.

From the hills I creep down into the great city… fresh and pervading through all the streets I pass; him I touch, and her I touch and you I touch—lean never be satisfied. I who desired one give myself to all. I who would be the companion of one become the companion of all companions. The lowest and who knows me not, him I know best and love best. O air and elements, break forth into singing! O arise.

O world, you have been very gentle to me! Strangely as to the dying your beauty comes to me now.

* * * *
Laws and limitations fade, time and distance are no more, no bars can hold me, no chamber shut me in.

The arched doors of the eyebrows of innumerable multitudes open around me; new heavens- I see, I stop there then.

* * * *
When the regard for elaborate art, wit, manners, dress or anything rare or costly whatever, shall drop clean off from you, this is the most welcome.

* * * *
The mother’s life is an unspoken prayer, her body a temple of the Holy One.
Have you used the summer well? Then the winter shall be beautiful to you.

* * * *
All this day we will go together; the Sun shall circle overhead; our shadows swing round us on the road; the winter sunshine shall float wonderful promises to us from the hills; the evening see us in another land; the night ever insatiate of love we will sleep together, and rise early and go forward in the morning; wherever the road shall lead us, in solitary places or among the crowds, it shall be well; we shall not desire to come to the end of the journey nor consider what the end may be; the end of all things shall be with us. This is my trade.

From this day it is not so much we that change, as the hours that glide past us; each bends low as it passes with a gift.

Earth-kings on their thrones faintly foreshadowed this; the old myths and legends of heaven were the indistinct dreams of the everlasting peace of the soul. Worldly marriages dimly betokened this.

* * * *
Storms and darkness surging around, we have seen round you.

Avaunt! Over the hills with lightning speed fly, tossing your nostrils; but know that I easily outspeed you all … . you cannot delude or escape Me. See if to my chariot at length harnessed I will not drive you, irresistible and triumphant through all the kingdoms of space.

Be not careful about perfections; the day shall’ come when everything shall be perfect to you. To be ungainly or deformed shall after all be no hindrance; your ignorance and rags shall not avail for a disguise. Past your own futility or vanity you shall walk unfettered, and just gaze upon them as you go by; if learning and skill admit you to wonders, ignorance and awkwardness shall give you entrances equally or more desirable.

I do not turn you back from Self-seeking; on the contrary I know that you shall never rest till you have found your Self. If you seek it, money, fame and the idle gratification of inordinate organs and lumps . . . that is all very well for a time; but you will have to do better than that. If you seek it in duty, goodness, renunciation, they also are very well for a time; but you will do better.
O kisses of the Sun and winds! O joy of the liberated Soul (finished purpose and acquittal of civilization), daring all things – light step, life held in the palm of the hand! Kisses to the lips of sweet smelling, fruit and bread, milk and green herbs.
* * * *
Tremendous forces are charioting you onwards.

O burning behind all worlds, immortal Essences, Flames of this ever-consuming universe, never-consumed – to laugh and laugh with you and of our laughter shake forth creation!

In the eyes of her (whom) you love, in the faithful face of your enemy in battle, aware (beware) at least of your own Self! O joy! Joy! Inextinguishable joy and laughter.

I have seen the slaves of Opinion and Fashion, of Ignorance and of Learning, of Drink and Lust, of Chastity and Unchastity. One skin cast leaves another behind, and that another, and that yet another. The way is long but the centuries are longer. Faint not. Does my voice sound distant t Faint not. Even now for a moment round your neck, advancing, I stretch my arms; to my lips I draw you. I press upon your lips the seal of a covenant that cannot be forgotten.

* * * *
I am not nearer to one than to another; they do not seek me so much as I advance through them.

* * * *
What is the use of lower degrees and evil? They are like mirror. They reveal yourself by contrast. To the wise all are mirrors, some by conduction, some by induction, reflection (ugly) and refraction (beautiful).

* * * *
Even nettle will not hurt you if you grasp it unhesitatingly; but will set your skin in painful irritation if merely touched.

Caste-bound, hide-bound in Caste are the Civilized nations. They separate themselves and exile themselves from free, open Nature and fresh fragrant Natural life into close drawing-rooms—dens and dungeons; they banish themselves from the wide world, excommunicate themselves from all creation, ostracise themselves from plants and animals. This way they play the part of the Brahmins of India. The prestige, respectability and honour are the accursed pests of society. By arrogating to themselves airs of superiority they work their own ruin, cut themselves into stagnation.

* * * *
Pessimism, so far as it declares open war against the present state of affairs and the miserable condition of Civilization, is all right. But it is wrong if it lead us to despondency and dissatisfaction.

Optimism, so far as it wants us to remain happy no matter how depressing the circumstances, is all right. But when it leads us to accommodate the corrupt tendencies of the age, it becomes a regular plague.

* * * *
Dream-walker, look! This white thing in thy path I Art mad? O look – the wild eyes seest thou not? The warning arm? —no flimsy phantom this, no pale stray figment of thy brain, but He.

* * * *
Civilization – Immensely busy, rushing crowds doing nothing really. “No time, no time,” and “no work even.”

Was it that people should give all their precious time and energy to the plaiting of silken thongs and letters innumerable, to bind themselves prisoners —to pick oakum of the strands of real life forever?

“And as a woman for the touch of a man, so I -v cried in my soul even for the violence and outrage of Nature to deliver me from this barrenness (Civilization).”

The quiet look, the straight, untroubled, unseeking eyes of the oilman – Indeed because they sought nothing and made no claim for themselves, therefore it was that they gave me all. Without wrigglings, and contortions, without egotistic embarrassments grimaces, innuendoes; without constraint and without stint, free.

* * * *
All the cobwebs of Science and precedents and conclusions of authority,, all possessions, and impediments of property, all rights of bundles and baggage, – I disown.

* * * *
I stand prepared for toil, for hardship – this instant, if need be to start on an unforeseen and distant journey – I am wholly without reserve —

As a woman of a man, so, will I learn of thee, I will draw thee closer and closer, I will drain thy lips and the secret things of thy body, I will conceive of thee, O liberty!

Aahamajaani garbhadhamaa
Twamajaasi garbhadhamaa

Do not hurry: have faith. Let the strong desires come and go; refuse them not, disown them not, but think not. that in them lurks finally the thing you want. Presently they will fade away and into the intolerable light will dissolve like gossamers before the Sun.

Do not hurry: have faith. The sportsman does not say, “I will start a hare at the corner of this field, or I will shoot a turkey-buzzard at the foot of that tree;” but he stands indifferent and waits on emergency, and so makes himself master of it. So do you stand indifferent and by faith make yourself master of your life.

Like Arjuna fight hard, but (put) the reins of horses in the hands of Krishna.

* * * *
Have faith. If that which rules the universe were alien to your Soul, then nothing could mend your state . . . there were nothing left but to fold your hands and be damned everlastingly. But since it is not so . . . why? What can you wish for more? All things are given into your hands.

Do you pity a man who having a silver mine loses a shilling in a crack in his house-floor? And why should another pity you?

* * * *
Do not hurry. And when the sun rises, the clouds suffused with light creep over the edges of the hills, the young poplar poises itself Eke an upward arrow out of the ground, the birds warble with upturned bills to the sun; the hemisphere of light follows the hemisphere of darkness, and a great wave of light rushes round the globe. The little pigmies (men) stand on end (like iron-filings under a magnet) and then they fall prone again; and this has gone on for millions of years and will go on for millions more.

* * * *
Do not hurry. Absolve yourself today from the bonds of action. Begin today to understand why the animals are not hurried, and do not concern themselves about affairs, nor the clouds, nor the trees, nor the stars – but only man – and he but for a (few) thousand years in history. Do not hurry: have faith.

Some Urdu verses are quoted here

Whither indeed should we hurry? Is it not well here? A little denying of ego, and lo! The glory of all the earth is ours.

Is your present experience hard to bear? Yet remember that never again perhaps in all your days will you have another chance of the same. Do not fly the lesson, but have a care that you master it while you have the opportunity.

Whoever, dwells among thoughts dwells in the region of delusion and disease – and though he may appear wise and learned, yet his wisdom and learning are as hollow as a piece of timber eaten out by white ants. Therefore though thought should gird you about, remember and forget not to dis-endue (to dis-endow) it, as a man takes off his coat when hot; and as a skilful workman lays down his tool when done with, so shall you use thought and lay it quietly aside again when it has served your purpose.

These things I say not in order to excite thought in you – rather to destroy it – or if to excite thought, then to excite that which destroys itself.

* * * *
As long as you are overwhelmed with the importance of anything in the world, so long will the veil lie close; do not be deceived.

* * * *
Will you rush past forever insensate and blindfold – hurrying breathless from, one unfinished task to another, and to catch your ever departing trains – as if you were a very Cain flying from his face.
Resume the ancient dignity of your race, lost, almost forgotten as it is. What is it surely that you are fretting about? Is it the fashions or what men say about you, or the means of livelihood, or is it the sense of duty this way or that, or trivial desires that will not let you rest? Are you so light, like a leaf, that such things as these will move you, . . are you so weak that one such- slender chain will deprive you of inestimable Freedom? And yet the lilies of the field and the beasts that have no Banks of Deposit or Securities are not anxious: they have more dignity than you.

Give away all that you have, become poor and without possessions. . . and behold I you shall be lord and sovereign of all things.

* * * *
As long as you harbour motives, you are giving hostages to the enemy . . . while you are a slave (to this or that, you can only obey. It is not you who are acting at all. Brush it all aside, banish it. Pass disembodied out of yourself. Leave the husk, leave the long, tong prepared and perfected envelope. Pass through the gate of indifference into the palace of Mastery; through the door of Love out into the great open of deliverance.

How wonderful is the mere sense of space in the world . . . after the sick-chamber and the days of illness I And how wonderful must be the sense of measureless space in the Soul, and of freedom, thenceforth inalienable! Look then in the glass once more, and satisfy yourself thoroughly about it.

* * * *
Who are you?

Who are you that go about to save them that are lost? Are you saved yourself? Do you know that who would save his own life must lose it? Are you then one of the lost? Could you or would you be one of the lost? Arise, then, and become a Saviour. Be a sinner, realize your oneness with him and you can save him.

* * * *
Civilized circles and newspapers are all the time praising somebody or blaming, criticising someone else. Man is talked of just as they speak of corn and wheat. Prices (are) rising and falling. Man is made an inanimate commodity, Else above it, know the Self Supreme, nothing can set a price on you. Believe not in the chatter of fools. Fly the living death of Civilization.