As the human Will seems capricious because the springs of volition are hidden from our observation, so to the unknown will that limits our own has been practically ascribed an infinite caprice.

Anthropomorphism has been to some degree universal because each man must think in terms of his own experience. Into his own universe all that he knows must come.

Eliminate the “human equation” in every statement you hear. (Correction for the barometer)
The ultimate end of Science or true Religion is “The Regulation of Human Conduct.”

The so-called conflict between Religion and Science was in reality a conflict between organized Religious Institutions and Inorganized Scientific Truth; but the real essence of stubborn Conservatism lies not in Religious Institutes or Theologies. The whole conflict is a struggle in the mind of man. It exists in human psychology before it is wrought out in human history. It is the struggle of realities against tradition and suggestion (hypnotism). The progress of realization would still have been just such a struggle had religious theology or Churches or worship never existed. But the need for all these is part of the actual development of man.

Intolerance and prejudice are not confined to religious organizations. The same spirit that burned Michael Servitus and Giardano Bouno in the name of religion for the heresies of Science, led the atheist liberal mob of Paris to send to the scaffold the great chemist Lavoisier “with the sneer that the republic has no need of savants.”
There is no better antidote to bigotry than the study of the growth of knowledge. (History of Inductive Science)

The control of action by an Institution is irksome to the man who thinks for himself, who ever thinks for himself must act for himself.

Most misery is caused by not being exact in your talk, food, or conduct. A mathematician should be exact. Science demands exactness. H2O exact ratio.