This part is taken from “Spiritual Stories” as Told by Ramana Maharshi

The Periapuranam is a Tamil devotional classic depicting the lives of 63 Saivite Saints. This book made a remarkable impression on Sri Bhagavan as a young boy. Speaking of four of the most famous Saivite Saints Sri Bhagavan once remarked, “The devotion of Sundaramurthy to the Lord is that of a friend, of Manikkavachakkar that of the beloved, of Appar that of a servant and Sambandar that of a son.”

  1. The Fire of Devotion
  2. Mother’s Blessings
  3. The Lord is Within Me
  4. Pilgrimage to Sri Arunachala
  5. Sambandhar and Appar
  6. Saint Appar
  7. There is Nothing Without
  8. With the Moon in His Crown
  9. Swami is Everywhere
  10. Sundaramurthi’s Bond of Servitude
  11. Manikkavachakar
  12. How the Tiruvachakam was Written