Peace like a river flows to me,
Peace as an ocean rolls in me,
Peace like the Ganges flows,
It flows from all my hair and toes,
O fetch me quick my wedding robes,

White robes of light, bright rays of gold,
Slips on, lo! once for all the veil to fling!
Flow, flow, O wreaths, flow fair and free
Flow wreaths of tears of joy, flow free.
What glorious aureole, wondrous ring,
O nectar of life! O magic wine.
To fill my pores of body and mind!
Come fish, come dogs, come all who please,
Come powers of nature, bird and beast.
Drink deep my blood, my flesh do eat.
O come, partake of marriage feast.
I dance, I dance with glee
In stars, in suns, in oceans free,
In moons and clouds, in winds I dance
In will, emotions, mind I dance.
I sing, I sing, I am symphony.
I’m boundless ocean of Harmony,
The subject—which perceives,
The object—thing perceived,
As waves in me they double,
In me the world’s a bubble.