The 108 Names of Sri Bhagavan (Ramana Ashtothara 31-33) Original Sanskrit by Sri Viswanatha Swami and English Translation & Commentary by Professor K. Swaminathan


31. Tapahkshapita sarvangah: One whose whole body had shrunk by tapas.

[During his first few months in Tiruvannamalai, Bhagavan was utterly oblivious of his body; he took no bath and went for days without a meal. He was thus reduced to a mere bundle of skin and bones. Six months in the great temple of Arunachaleswara, and two years in Gurumurtham and in a mango grove near it, were spent in deep samadhi devoid of body-consciousness].

Om Tapah kshapita sarvangaya namah.

32. Phullambuja viláchanah: One with eyes bright and beautiful like a fully blossomed lotus.

[In this unbroken and prolonged samadhi, when the body was neglected, starved and shrunk, the face was cool and charming and the eyes arresting in their brightness. The rest of the body had shrunk almost to nothing; he was just two eyes in a beaming face]

The phrase phullambuja vilochanah can also mean; one whose blossoming heart-lotus shone through the eyes. His whole heart was in the eyes. The inner brightness shone through the windows of his eyes].

Om Phullambuja viláchanaya namah.

33.  Chandrikasita hasa sri manditanana mandalah: One whose comely face was lit up by the cool moonlight of a smile.

[The smile soothed and illumined like the cool brightness of the moon. The face lit up by the eyes was cooled by the smile. The stillness of the blissful heart was reflected in the calm, bright beauty of the face. Observers were transported by that gracious glance and bright smile, cool and calm like moonlight].

Om Chandrikasita hasa sri manditanana mandalaya namah.