The 108 Names of Sri Bhagavan (Ramana Ashtothara 1-6) Original Sanskrit by Sri Viswanatha Swami and English Translation & Commentary by Professor K. Swaminathan

1. Mahasena mahomsena jatah: One sprung from the resplendence of Mahasena.

[Skanda, commander of the divine forces, destroys the vasanas, the asuric desires and memories, that turn the mind away from the Self within].

Om Mahasena mahomsena jataya namah

2.  Sri Ramana: [The Name, conferred on the young ascetic by Ganapati Muni and now universally accepted, reminds us that Bhagavan rejoiced in the Self of Pure Awareness and that his message is Ramaniya, the experience of bliss or beauty, inherent in good but not evil, in the true but not the false, in love but not in hatred, in peace but not in conflict. The inner comprehends and transcends the outer. Hence introversion, or turning towards the Self within, restores wholeness to the psyche and finds joy in work in the world as well as in pure contemplation].

Om Sri Ramanaya namah.

3.   Guru: 

[The sadguru is like the sun, self-luminous, and like the Self, an inner light. Wholly identified with Awareness-Bliss, he is at once universal in the validity of his teaching and uniquely efficacious in drawing the disciple towards the Self].

Om GuravÉ namah.

4.  Akhanda samvidakarah: The Embodiment of whole, unbroken Awareness.

[He perceives no separation between his being and the universal Being, between his life and the life Eternal. He is not a knower knowing the world. He is the world aware of itself as I, I].

Om Akhanda samvidakaraya namaha

5.   Mahoujah: The Great Light.

 [He is the light of Awareness which operates as Grace and draws all living beings to itself. Why divide his being into teacher, pupil and teaching; or knower, knowledge and that which is known? He is whole, unbroken Awareness, the sole Reality. The Father is in the Mother and both are in the Son, who is in the world as the Centre of Awareness to transform it. In this mahouja, in this living brightness, Father and Mother are both present in their entirety and the Son rejoices in manifold function. Heaven and earth have merged into one single entity].

Om Mahoujase namaha.

6.  Karanodbhavah: One whose birth was for a purpose. 

This child was born, not as a result of past Karma, but for the divine purpose of renewing human life and transforming the world. His birth can be explained only teleologically. It is wrong to conceive of time as the past flowing into the present and causing the future. The Timeless flows perennially into time as Awareness for transforming the world and creating a future more human and therefore more divine than the past].

Om Karanádbhavaya namaha.