The 108 Names of Sri Bhagavan (Ramana Ashtothara 88-91) Original Sanskrit by Sri Viswanatha Swami and English Translation & Commentary by Professor K. Swaminathan

88.  Darsanad agha samhañ: One whose very sight destroys impurity.

[Evil flees in his presence as darkness before light].

Om Darsanadagha samharine namah.

89. Mounena swÅtma bodhakah: One who through silence reveals the Self.

[The ultimate Truth transcends thought and speech and cannot be ‘taught’. Like Dakshinamurti of old, Bhagavan reveals the ineffable Truth in silence].

Om Mounena SwaÅtma bodhakaya namah.

90. Hruchchhantikara sannidhyah: One whose very presence brings about inner peace.

[When the ego mind is still, the awareness which is our eternal being is felt in the heart as blissful peace profound. Common people, children, birds and animals all felt this peace in their inmost heart in Bhagavan’s presence. His very presence spread this supreme peace to all around Him].

Om Hruchchantikara sannidhyaya namah.

91. SmaranÅd bandha mochakah: The very thought of whom brings about freedom from bondage.

[What has been claimed from ancient times for Arunachala applies even more aptly to Bhagavan himself. The thought and name of Arunachala brought this youngster moksha. Hence the tradition lives with renewed force in this actual concrete human person. As the column of light which is Siva froze into the holy Hill, Siva and the Hill became embodied in the human form divine of Ramana. Siva, Arunachala and Ramana are three outstanding manifestations (mythological, geographical and historical) of the one sole Reality, pure Awareness, whose nature is perennial bliss].

Om Smaranad bandha máchakaya namah.