The 108 Names of Sri Bhagavan (Ramana Ashtothara 34-38) Original Sanskrit by Sri Viswanatha Swami and English Translation & Commentary by Professor K. Swaminathan

34. Châtavatyam samasinah: Calmly seated in the mango grove.

[This name describes the two years’ stay in Gurumurthamand the adjacent mango grove. In this period of stillness, he bestowed as well as enjoyed profound calmness].

Om Châtavatyam samasinaya namah.

35. Chârnitakhila vibhramah: One who has destroyed all illusions.

[He had completely annihilated every kind of maya, not only for himself, but for those who sought his guidance].

Om Chârnitakhila vibhramaya namah.

36.     Veda Vedanta tattvajnah: One who has understood the inner significance of the Vedas and of Vedanta.

[Having known, enjoyed and himself become the very chidananda, Awareness-Bliss, which is the essence and import, the source and the goal, of the scriptures, he now fully embodies and directly reveals the reality to which the scriptures are only pointers].

Om Veda Vedanta tatvajnaya namah.

37.     Chinmudrine namah: Bestower of supreme wisdom by silence.

[THAT, which cannot be imparted to others by words, can only be taught by Mouna, utter silence. The SILENT PRESENCE of Sri Bhagavan was His supreme teaching].

Om Chinmudrine namah.

38.     Trigunatigah: One who has transcended the three gunas.

[Having no ego, no ‘I’ sense, and being the pure, universal Awareness, Bhagavan is a jivanmukta, a sthitaprajna, agunatita. His very nature and being is nirvikara chidakasa, the immutable sky of pure Awareness, transcending all particularities].

Om Trigunatigaya namah.