From The Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda Volume 7- Chapter 4 – Notes Of Class Talks and Lectures

Talking of the respective duties of a monk and a householder, Swamiji said:

A Sannyasin should avoid the food, bedding, etc., which have been touched or used by householders, in order to save himself — not from hatred towards them — so long as he has not risen to the highest grade, that is, become a Paramahamsa. A householder should salute him with “Namo Narayanaya”, and a Sannyasin should bless the former. [Sanskrit]
— Like the difference between the biggest mountain and a mustard – seed, between the sun and a glow – worm, between the ocean and a streamlet, is the wide gulf between a Sannyasin and a householder.

Swami Vivekananda made everyone utter this and, chanting some Vedanta stanzas, said, “You should always repeat to yourselves these Shlokas. ‘Shravana’ not only means hearing from the Guru, but also repetition to our own selves. ‘(Sanskrit)– scriptural truth should be often repeated for such has been repeatedly enjoined’– in this Sutra of Vedanta, Vyasa lays stress on repetition.”