Arunachala, the Single Lamp of Love,
Was lit and shines in Ramanachala.
This lights itself again in a million hearts;
It glows and glows, consuming the dirt and dross in all.
I too was lit in that Light that day;
It glowed as the ‘I’…’I’ of the Heart;
But the accumulated dirt of ages would not let it shine- Perhaps it is dim or flickering there.
I would this pot were broken;
But to live to see that Light shine in clear pots;
That is, indeed, the pleasure I enjoy;
I see the lamp of Ramanachala in my little ones;
I shall not mention names, for they’ll be shy.
I see my little ones and enjoy the lamp of love,
The Love lit by Ramanachala,
May His family increase,
May His Light flourish,
May It ever proclaim Itself in Its unseen effulgence-
That is ever my heartfelt prayer.