This Chapter is Taken from The Book “Glimpses of The Life and Teachings of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi” described by Frank H. Humphreys.

How can you best worship GOD? Why, by not trying to worship Him but by giving up your whole self to Him, and showing that every thought, every action, is only a working of that One Life (GOD) — more or less perfect according as it is unconscious or conscious.

God works perfectly in our unconscious virtuous actions. A Master when instructing is far from any thought of instructing; but to feel a doubt or a difficulty in his presence is to call forth, at once, before you can express the doubt, the wonderful words which will clear away that doubt. The words never fail and the Master with his heart fixed on GOD, realising perfectly that no action is a personal one, making no claims to have either originated the thought or to have been the means of destroying a doubt, saying never “I” or “Mine”, seeing only GOD in every thought and action, whether they be yours or his, feels no surprise, no especial pleasure to himself in having allayed your doubt. He never desires to feel pleasure. He says:

Who is it that feels pleasure? Why, God.

What is pleasure? Why the appreciation — instinctive or otherwise — of God.

Who is the so-called “I”? I is GOD.

God is pleasure. If I desire perpetual pleasure, I must forget myself, and be that which is pleasure itself, viz., GOD.

A Master sacrifices his whole self, lets it down as an artificial idea into the Ocean of GOD Who Is, and Who is, literally, the Material and the Cause of everything, and becomes the embodiment of happiness. Similarly he flings every personal desire aside, even the desire for virtue. He denies it being his own action and attributes it to GOD, till he becomes the embodiment of that personal virtue he once desired, and no one can come near him without being blessed. He is the embodiment of all virtues. Such is true worship and its results.