This Chapter is Taken from The Book “Glimpses of The Life and Teachings of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi” described by Frank H. Humphreys.

What are sins? Why, for example, does a man drink too much? Because he hates the idea of being bound — bound by the incapacity to drink as much as he wishes. He is striving after liberty in every sin he commits. This striving after liberty is the first instinctive action of God in a man’s mind. For God knows that he is not bound. Drinking too much does not give a man liberty but then the man does not know that he is really seeking liberty. When he realises that, he sets about seeking the best way to obtain liberty.

But the man only gains that liberty when he realises that he was never bound. The I, I, I’s who feel so bound are really the Illimitable Spirit. I am bound because I know of nothing that I do not sense by one of the senses. Whereas I am all the time that which senses in everybody, in every mind. These bodies and minds are only the tools of the “I”, the Illimitable Spirit. What do I want with tools who am the tools themselves, as the colours are the White Light?

Jesus, the man, was utterly unconscious when He worked His miracles, and spoke His wonderful words. It was the White Light, the Life, Who is the cause and the effect, acting in perfect concert. “My Father and I are One.” Give up the idea of “I” and “Mine.” Can the body possess anything? Can the mind possess anything? Lifeless tools are both, unless the Light of God be shining through. These things which we see and sense are only the split up colours of the One Illimitable Spirit.