This Chapter is Taken from The Book “Glimpses of The Life and Teachings of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi” described by Frank H. Humphreys.

One gets no reward for Attainment. When one understands the idea, one does not want a reward. As Krishna said: “Ye have the right to work, but not the right to the fruit thereof.” Perfect attainment is simply worship, and worship is attainment.

If you sit down and realise that you only think by virtue of the One Life, and that the mind, animated by the One Life into the act of thinking is a part of the whole which is GOD, then you argue your mind out of existence as a separate entity, and the result is that mind and body physically (so to speak) disappear and the only thing that remains is Being, which is at once existence and non-existence, and not explainable in words or ideas.

A Master cannot help being perpetually in this state, with only this difference, that in some, to us, incomprehensible way, he can use mind and body and intellect too, without falling back into the delusion of having a separate consciousness.

There is no explaining these things. As Vivekananda said:

“You do not help the world at all by wishing or trying to do so, but only by helping yourself.”