No, no one can atone me.
Say, who could have injured,
And who could atone me?
No, no one can atone me.

The world turns aside
To make room for me;
I come, Blazing Light!
And the shadows must flee.

I come, O you Ocean!
Divide up and part;
Or parched up and scorched up,
Be dried up, depart.

O Mountains, beware!
Come not in my way;
Tour ribs will be shattered
And tattered today.

O Kings and Commanders
My fanciful toys I
Here’s a Deluge of fire,
Line clear! My boys

Advisers and Counsellors!
Pray, waste not your breath.
Yes, take up my orders,
Devour up, ye, Death.

Go, howl on, O winds,
O my dogs! howl free.
Beat, beat, Storms!
O my Bugles! blow free.

I ride on the Tempests,
Astride on the Gale,
My gun is the Lightning,
My shots never fail.

I chase as an huntsman,
I eat as I seize
The hearts of the mountains,
The lands and the seas.

I hitch to my chariot
The Pates and the Gods.
With Thunder of cannon
Proclaim it abroad:

Shake! shake off Delusion,
Wake! wake up!
Be free, Liberty! Liberty!
Liberty! OM!