“As a snow bank grows where there is a lull in the wind, so where there is a lull in the truth, institutions spring up; by and by the truth blows over them and takes them away.” (Thoreau.)

All forms of tyranny have their beginning in kindness.

* * * *
There are schools which tend to make “intellectual Paupers” instead of training men to think for themselves.
“Moral Pauperism” is produced by the giving of precepts.

“Spiritual Pauperism” is produced by religious instructions.

* * * *
“Each man must make his own religion. He must form his own ideals.”

In the degree that he is religious he must in time become his own high priest, as in the degree that he is effective he must be his own king.

* * * *
Pauperism and’ “habitual criminality” are respectively passive and active states of the same disease.