From Epistles – First Series of Volume 5 of The Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda

(Translated from Bengali)

Gopal Lal Villa,
Benares (Varanasi) Cantonment,
12th February 1902.

My Dear Rakhal,[1]

I was glad to get all the detailed news from your letter. Regarding Nivedita’s School, I have written to her what I have to say. My opinion is that she should do what she considers to be best.

Don’t ask my opinion on any other matter either. That makes me lose my temper. Just do that work for me — that is all. Send money, for at present only a few rupees are left.

Kanai (Nirbhayananda) lives on Mâdhukari[2], does his Japa at the bathing ghat, and comes and sleeps here at night; Nyedâ does a poor man’s work and comes and sleeps here at night. “Uncle”[3] and Niranjan have gone to Agra. I may get their letter today.

Continue doing your work as the Lord guides. Why bother about the opinion of this man and that? My love to all.

Yours affectionately.



  1. Swami Brahmananda.
  2. Cooked food obtained by begging from several houses.
  3. Mr. Okakura was endearingly so called. “Kura” approximating to “Khurhâ” in Bengali which means uncle; Swamiji out of fun calls him uncle