From Volume 9 of the Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda – Letters – Fifth Series
21st June 1902.


You have not the least cause to be anxious. I am getting on anyhow and am quite strong. As to diet, I find I have to restrict myself and not follow the prescription of my doctor to eat anything I like. The pills continue, however. Will you ask the boys if they can get “Amalaki” [Emblic myrobalan] fruits in the place now? We cannot get them in the plains now. They are rather sour and puckery eaten raw; but make marmalade of whole [ones] — delicious. Then they are the best things for fermentation I ever get.
No anxiety on the score of Marie Louise’s[6]* arrival in Calcutta. She has not yet made any noise.
Things go on the same. I am trying to go to Monghyr — a place near Calcutta and said to be very salubrious.
We will think of your coming to Baghbazar after Nivedita has fairly started; till then keep quiet and lay on food.
With all love to yourself, the boys and Mother [Mrs. Charlotte Sevier],


PS — I am laying on adipose tissues fast — especially about the abdominal regions: “It is fearful to see!”