From Volume 9 of the Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda – Letters – Fifth Series
[End of June 1901]


Your very welcome letter just reached. A few days ago a precious little bit of poem also reached. I wish it ever so much you were the writer thereof. Anyhow, most of us feel, though unable to express; and then, “There are thoughts that lie too deep for tears”. Regularity in anything is not in my line of life, but that need not make you irregular. I pray you to drop a few lines every now and then. Of course, when I am not in this body, I am sure the news will reach you, and then you will have to stop writing.
Miss MacLeod wishes me to join her in Japan, but I am not sure. Most probably I am not going, especially as I expect both her and Mrs. Ole Bull in India, in November. Two whole months consumed in coming and going; only one month’s stay in Japan — that does not pay, I am afraid.
Say, I am getting enormously fat about the middle — alas!
Mrs. [Charlotte] Sevier, who is now in England, returns in a few months to India. She has invited Mrs. Bull etc. to be her guests in the Himalayas. I wish they could be there during summer.
I have manfully borne the terrific heat of my country in the plains, and now I am facing the deluging rains of my country. Do you know how I am taking rest? I have got a few goats and sheep and cows and dogs and cranes! And I am taking care of them the whole day! It is not trying to be happy; what for? Why should one not be unhappy as well — both being nonsense? — but just to kill time.
Do you correspond with Mrs. Bull or Nivedita?
Don’t worry, don’t be anxious; for me the “Mother” is my protection and refuge; and everything must come round soon, better than my fondest dreams can paint.

With all love,