From Epistles – First Series of Volume 5 of The Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda

14 Grey Coat Gardens,
Westminster, S. W.,
11th November, 1896.

Dear Alasinga,

I  shall most probably start on the 16th of December, or may be a day or two later. I go from here to Italy, and after seeing a few places there, join the steamer at Naples. Miss Müller, Mr. and Mrs. Sevier, and a young man called Goodwin are accompanying me. The Seviers are going to settle at Almora. So is Miss Müller. Sevier was an officer in the Indian army for 5 years. So he knows India a good deal. Miss Müller was a Theosophist who adopted Akshay. Goodwin is an Englishman, through whose shorthand notes it has been possible for the pamphlets to be published.

I arrive at Madras first from Colombo. The other people go their way to Almora. I go from thence direct to Calcutta. I will write you the exact information when I start.

Yours affly.,

PS: The first edition of Râja-Yoga is sold out, and a second is in the press. India and America are the biggest buyers.