From Volume 9 of the Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda – Letters – Fifth Series
228 W. 39TH STREET
10 January 1896


I have received your letter and also another from the Secretary of the Harvard Metaphysical Club.[6]*
I will be only too glad to come to Boston for the Harvard lecture especially — but these are the difficulties in the way: First, the work here will fall to pieces; secondly, I have begun to write in right earnest. I want to finish some text books to be the basis of work when I am gone. I want to hurry through four little text books before I go.
Of course it is impossible to come this month as the notices of the four Sunday lectures are out. In the first week of February I have again a lecture at Brooklyn at Dr. Janes’s. My idea now is to make a tour to Boston, Detroit, and Chicago in March and then come back to New York a week or so and then start for England. In March I will be able to stay a few weeks at each of these places. Of course it is true that [as] yet I have no competent persons here to carry on the work like Sturdy in England, nor any sincere friend to stand by me except you.
I will do anything you want me to, and if you think it is good for me to come to Boston in February, I am ready.

Ever yours with gratitude, love, and blessings

P.S. I have not much faith in that Procopeia business, (The Procopeia Club.) except as a nucleus to work from.
My love to Miss Hamlin and all the other friends there.