From Volume 9 of the Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda – Letters – Fifth Series
18th July ’96


I received your last note duly — and you already know my gratitude and love for you and that I perfectly agree with most of your ideas and work.
I did not understand, however, one point. You speak of Sturdy and myself being members. Members of what? I, as you well know, can not become a member of any society.
I am very glad to learn that you have been favourably impressed by Saradananda. There is one big mistake you are labouring under. What do you mean of [my] writing to my workers more confidentially and not to you? I seldom write to anyone — I have no time to write. I have no workers. Everyone is independent to work as one likes. I do not bother my head about these little things at all. I can give ideas — that is all; let people work them out any way they like, and Godspeed to all.
“He who works unattached to persons and giving up the fruits of work is a genuine worker” — Gitâ.

Yours Ever with love and gratitude,