From Volume 9 of the Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda – Letters – Fifth Series
July 7, 1896


[On the] 18th of this month I start for Switzerland for a holiday. I will come back to London again to work in the Autumn. The work in England bids fair to be much better and deeper than in the U.S. And here in London is the heart of India also. Where are you now? I am passing through Geneva on my way to the Hills. I will be there a day or two.
If you be somewhere near, I will make it a point to come to see you. Did you hear Annie Besant? How did you like her? What about your plans of going to India next winter? What about the innocents (Mary and Harriet Hale and Isabelle and Harriet McKindley.) at home? I haven’t had any news of them. My love to Father Pope, Mother Temple (Mrs. James Matthews, Mr. Hale’s sister.) and yourself. Kindly answer as I will be only a few days here.

Ever yours with love and gratitude,