From Volume 9 of the Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda – Letters – Fifth Series
5 August 1894


I have received your letter and am very much ashamed at my bad memory. I unfortunately forgot all about the cheque. Perhaps you have come to know by this time of my being in Greenacre. I had a very nice time here and am enjoying it immensely. In the fall I am going to lecture in Brooklyn, New York. Yesterday I got news that they have completed all the advertising there. I have an invitation today from a friend in New York to go with him to some mountains north of this state of Maine. I do not know whether I will go or not. I am doing pretty well. Between lecturing, teaching, picnicking and other excitements the time is flying rapidly. I hope you are doing very well and that Father Pope is in good trim. It is a very beautiful spot — this Greenacre — and [I] have very nice company from Boston: Dr. Everett Hale,[6]* you know, of Boston, and Mrs. Ole Bull, of Cambridge. I do not know whether I will accept the invitation of my friend of New York or not.
So far only this is sure, that I will go to lecture in New York this coming fall. And Boston, of course, is a good field. The people here are mostly from Boston and they all like me very much. Are you having a good time, and Father Pope? Has your house-painting been finished? The Babies, I am sure, are enjoying their Mudville.
I am in no difficulty for money. I have plenty to eat and drink.
With my best love and gratitude to you and Father Pope and the Babies.

Yours affectionately,

Excuse this hasty scrawl. The pen is very bad.

The Harrison people sent me two “nasty standing” photos — that is all I have out of them, when they ought to give me 40 minus the 10 or 15 I have got already!!!