1. A hermit living among boulders, taking but water alone. A tiger ate him.
2. A man lived in great state highly respected and honoured. Fever killed him.

The one should not have shunned society, the other should not have sought it. Neither of them lashed up the lazy sheep.

Bottles around me on my desk, tree-shaped, animal-formed, men-shaped, every thinkable size and shape. Pour water into them, water is water for all that.

So, Agniryathaiko Bhuvanam Pravishto Rupam Rupam Pratirupo…, etc. Atman.

* * * *
“I am God and there is none else.”
Isa 46-9

* * * *
In all the heavens there is no other of God than that He is Man.”
E. Swedenborg.

* * * *
The only book in the Bible that is actually called a Revelation is the apocalypse of St. John, and this heeds more revealing than those all apparently. This is surely the climax of revelation that does not reveal.

* * * *
Max Muller while translating the Vedas exclaimed in dismay “Ancient words are round and modern, square”.

* * * *
The quarrel of, the Prophet (Mohammed) was with Kufr (Unfaithfulness) and not with any form of Faith or other Faiths.

* * * *
This Hero-worship and Prophet-worship may be Wide-spread and universal but that simply proves it to be like plague or other maladies to be contagious.

* * * *
Perhaps this guru-attachment is needed to wash away other attachments. Human psychology demands it.
It takes from a thousand to 1500 years to work out a single rhythm of Hindu Thought’s great pulsation. This is about the period that divides

1. Ancient Vedic hymn from some Upanishad.
2. Upanishads from the tear of the Mahabharat.
3. The Bharat war from Buddha.
4. Buddha from Puranas leading to Shankar and
5. Shankar from 1893 (Chicago Parliament of Religions).