This Chapter is taken From The Book ”Guru Ramana Memories and Notes” by S.S.Cohen

15th August, 1948

A visitor from the North seemed to be extremely agitated. With much emotion he asked several searching questions, one of which, was why there was so much evil in the world, and why should evil-doers be more successful than good-doers? If it were due to Karma, who made that Karma, and why should it be so arbitrarily dispensed – various karma to various individuals, which become the cause of so much misery and turmoil? Sri Bhagavan, realising the agony of the questioner’s heart, was infinitely gracious to him. He answered all his questions pithily and with amazing clarity.

About karma he said: “Whose karma is it? There are two creations, one God’s and the other man’s. The former is single and free from karma. The latter is varied and has varied karmas. If man removes his own creation, there will be no varied individuals and no varied karmas; misery will thus disappear. He who kills man’s creation sees heaven only, the others see only hell.

“It is every intelligent man’s experience that evil-doing recoils on the doer sooner or later. Why is this so? Because the Self is one in all. When seeing others you are only seeing yourself in their shapes. ‘Love thy neighbour as thyself ‘ means that you should love him, because he is your Self.”