Rama will now read from a lecture delivered by an English lady in London, which was printed in an Indian paper. Rama reads from this Lecture in order to inform you about the wrong notions and the false ideas which are spread in this country about the way of living in India. Some people are under the impression that people who visit India will be unable to do any work; they are under the impression that the caste system there is pronounced to such a degree that no American can mix with them. Many such ideas have been spread by some people who were never in touch with the Indians.

What a grand thing it would be to die for anyone whom we love! O what supreme beatitude!

He alone loves who is willing to lay down his life for the object of his love. It is such love that makes one live and do great services. It is such love that India needs, it is the love of such men and women that India needs who go to her to work.

Many false reports are spread by people who see not life in India, and yet live in India, just as you take a book, and wrap it in oil – cloth and submerge it in water, the water is all around the book, but does not get to the book. Just so people live in India but do not mix with the people of India, they do not become one with the people of India. Here is a woman who lived in India, and lived in the Indian style and is bearing witness. Rama wishes Americans to visit India in the same way as this woman. If you go as real workers, you will have to spend no money from your pocket. People there are supporting millions of men. The people there are very poor, but they are very generous.

Rama never saw Indian monks have money with them. When they visit the streets, it is always understood that they do so to get alms to appease their hunger, and every woman in India takes it as a duty laid upon her by God, to feed the hungry and administer to the needs of those who pass by her house as needy persons. If a monk should happen to pass the house of some woman who had nothing in the house to feed the hungry, Rama knows what would happen. Pathetic tears would stream forth out of her eyes, when she has no food to give to a poor monk. Anybody who walks in the dress of a needy or hungry person is looked upon as a monk; a monk does not mean a Swami. If you are in India and are hungry, you will be honoured as a monk. Whoever has no money with him or no clothes with him is a monk.