“The orthodox is apt to tread the round of his own past eternally.

The unorthodox is as apt to harness himself to the foreign present, with an equal blindness.

In suicidal desperation the would-be patriotic reiterate the war-cries of antagonistic sects or moan for the advent of a new religion as if by introducing a fifth element of discord, the Indian peoples could reach unity.

Kshatriya is one who gives up his life for the country.

A Brahmin is one who never for a moment thought of his own personality. So completely does he identify his interests with those of the people.

The little personality was consigned to the flames (burnt) when holy orders were taken.

* * * *
Every member for the whole and seeing that whole in every member.

Find out the points of contact, appreciation and not criticism. Mother Love.

This realization of Unity is Practical Vedant. This is common path, this is Dharma, this is Love.

* * * *
Honour: what is Honour? To be true to oneself. It is the very foundation of virtue. It is self-respect, and independence of outer authority and law because of being law to oneself.

Shaivas worship Shiva, a Vaishnavs Vishnu, a Christian Christ, a Mohammadan Mohammad. I see and worship India in the form of a Brahmin, Pariah, Mohammadan, Arya, Brahmo, or Sikh in all her children, in those who hate and those who love. My heart is the burning bush. Could we put our hearts together? Heads and hands will unite.

The Self cannot be divided. You might make an air-tight or nearly air-tight jar; but who could make an ether-tight jar? If ether cannot be shut in or shut out, who could divide and cut off the Self or God? So you cannot be a part of God.

National Union in India, as in any other country, is impossible except after hundreds, nay, thousands of innocent, pure natives are mercilessly sacrificed, hanged and bled in the name of truthful outspokenness.

* * * *
The Brahmin who bows before one who is not the rightful king is held many times accursed by Manu.

Bhagvad Gita is the only one of the world-gospels that turns on the duty of fighting for the true sovereign against usurpers.

The way to God-Realization for a Hindu:

The Absolute is hard to understand and harder still to realize. It is through the concrete that we reach the Absolute. True Sannyasa and realization of God is achieved through entirely renouncing the self-interest, just absorbing the little self in the great self of Mother India. O Ganges, O Kali (India) as one with Thee let me live.

Some forms of Dharma are more or less constant but apatti dharma (Dharma in the hour of distress) is different. Now is the time to forget all local and season dharma as whenever they conflict with the paramount Dharma of Union. Let all other feelings be subordinated to the national feeling.

Indians, you perform offerings to the dead to bring bliss to your deceased mothers. Sacrifice your self-interest to redeem Mother India.

The sentiment of fraternity, the instinct of synthesis, the mind of co-ordination that Common Path inculcates.

If we are born in the critical times of Indian History, let us be thankful; for the work for us is the more unique, the more poetic and dynamic. Our opportunities for service are more abundant.

Periodically, rhythmically we have had rest enough, Energies stored.

* * * *
Mere toleration of one another’s peculiarities can never be enough to build up national sentiment in India. Active co-operation is needed.

* * * *
I’ll see it done. It is already done. If the Law of Karma is true, the desires that burn within us are but a subjective apprehension of what is to be.

If no laxative is taken, consumption and cold overtake grip. So if you do not renounce the right way, your possessions begin to consume you and you suffer From Grip spiritual and have to part ultimately with everything in pain.
Timid, prudent National Congress people! The cruel death of one of the speakers in the name of nationality can do far more to unite the nation than thousands of lectures by all the members put together.

If you think it is true that Love is all and there is not anything but loving, you must insist on the realization of this. Else you do not really think it.

* * * *
You are and you know it; this is the whole of omniscience.

To increase this total of consciousness is futile. No one can get more than a pail of water into a pail. Whoever tries to add to or subtract from this is like one who tries to increase his stature by contorting (contracting) or lengthening his shadow.

* * * *
No matter how much ignorance you may accumulate, you will surely shed it, as the tree sheds its foliage; for in the Light every substance sheds its shadow.

Let man dare to be divine, since God has dared to be human.

Dare to laugh; to launch into the Truth; slay lies, even though they run for refuge to the altar’s sacred edge; pierce to the heart every cosy, cuddling vice; uncoil, or cut or chop as under the serpent-shaped circles of limitation; dare to cross every creeping boundary: this is the Cross of Jesus Christ bound for freedom: your Rubicon to Cross is your shortest cut to God.

* * * *
Through the fire of anguish (caused by solitude etc) alone can the black coal of the mind become transmuted into light.

* * * *
45,000 Americans in Paris; 80,000 in Egypt. Cf How many Hindus go abroad? and consider the smallness of American United States compared with India.

When I sing the dignity of Shudra labor, I am not exalting Tamas over Rajas and Sattva. I simply say enough have we decried Tamas in India and by the very act of resenting and resisting it, it has developed dreadfully in our midst. Let us learn to use Tamas by this time and make it glorious that way.

How could the gardens grow if we threw away the dirty manure and not use it?

Tamas is the coal without which there is no fire and steam, (Rajas), and no light (Satva). And in proportion to the large basis of the Tamas quality is the intensity and power of that Rajas fire and Sattva Light, in a country which movement can evolve: a view in remarkable harmony with the conclusions of modern phrenology.

Where it is found that, for heroic greatness and energy of character, no development of the moral arid intellectual organs, however favourable, is sufficient without a powerful basis in the animal or Tamas energies of man.

It is for this that Mahadeva, the Great Lord, was depicted as the Lord or Ruler of Tamas by the Hindus.
Naayamaatma Balahinena Labhyah

Plato’s cave dwellers jerked loose from their fascination;
“The violent take the kingdom of heaven by forceā€ Jesus.
Jacob wrestled with his supernal idea at Jabbok.

Daniel dared to den with lions. Does your heart fail you? Pluck it out and cast it from you.

Can you win fear?
Afraid of what?
Of God? Nonsense:
Of Man? Cowardice:
Of the elements? Dare them:
Of yourself? Know thyself:
Say I am fearless.
I am not suspicious or superstitious.

Daring Trismagistas says that the gods punish not even the errors of the daring.

* * * *
Concentration and Prayer is only a certain mood, nay, a peculiar Temperature of the mind where no spiritual consumption or intellectual grip troubles us.

Live in that Avastha (State or attitude of mind) and Light and Bliss are yours.

* * * *
You say the world could not go on a day without the love of money. The kingdom of God would go right on though Jesus did not love or hate money. Yet he could find it in the mouth of a fish, as the story is.

* * * *
Those who differ from you, are they wrong? If so, they also are needed by the country. Sad indeed would be the state of a walker who has only the right leg to hop along.

Curzon is the English Aurangzeb of English rule in India, Foolish Politician. Ripon was Akbar.

* * * *

Balanced Recklessness
Dispassionate Equanimity