If God is all – powerful, and we are God, why not hear through the eyes, and see through the ears?

You say my feet, my nose, my eyes, my arms, etc. If these are yours, then why do you not see through the ears, and hear through the eyes? If God is one and all powerful, let Him do as He pleases.

God manifests Himself on certain planes through the mind and on other planes through the body. He is interspersed throughout the Universe. If He were dependent, He would answer the desires and whims of man.

Because He is not bound by any laws, powers, or whims of men, He does as he pleases.

Rama tells you, you are not the thinking, desiring mind. If you were, then, of course you could do as you pleased. If you were, you might have changed the plan of work of the mind to that of the body and vice versa, but desiring mind you are not. You are the same God as is doing everything in this world.

Rise above the mind. The mind desires; these desires, cravings you are not.

That which makes the trees grow, that which makes the birds fly, etc., that you are. God is you, you are God. God is not an attribute of yours.