After breakfast one fine morning, I was in the assembly of Sri Bhagavan’s devotees. Sri Bhagavan was expounding some remote point in philosophy; He went on talking till it was 10-45, and we were all so much absorbed that we had no sense of time, space or causation. At 10-45, Sri Bhagavan turned to me and said, “Why, fellow, you have not left for the school yet!” I said, “But, Bhagavan, it is Sunday today!” Bhagavan, gave a hearty laugh and said, “It is a funny way you do your school work. It is Monday today. Run up; your Headmaster is waiting there at the gate, looking for you to come.”

So I hurried, and reached school exactly at the stroke of the recess bell. As l reached the gates, I found the Headmaster standing at the entrance to the school, with his usual pinch of snuff in his hand, his eyes turned towards the path of the temple, and eagerly expecting me to come. As I neared him, he said the same as Sri Maharshi: “Why, Sir, you have forgotten that it is Monday, and perhaps you required the Maharshi to remind you that today is a working day!”

I answered neatly, “Too true Sir; I did forget, and

Sri Maharshi himself sent me for duty!” My Headmaster laughed very heartily, and answered, “Go to your classroom!”