He hunts a lion, Hays him, sews the skin on the body of an ass. Sends the donkey to the town. People run away in fear. The donkey brays on seeing other donkeys. People discover the cheat and kill the animal.
Upadesha – If ye want to wear the sinha garb, you must forget in toto all about your old castes and creeds, must give up entirely the previous braying habits.

To Pyare (the beloved).
See to what you have to do. What others should do you need consider only when they come to seek your counsel which they must when you have shewn yourself to be true to yourself. Take up the work next to your hand for its own sake and then will the work nearest to your heart search you out. It is always the individual reform that grows into national reform Slender, tiny fibres of rills and rivulets begin to flow from this direction and that and lo! We see them full soon organized into a river. Darlie, look not to others; flow, flow yourself as a stream with full faith that the Sun that melts you is not dead in your neighbourhood: fellow-streams must be simultaneously running down to meet you. Flow, flow, work, work.

* * * * *
1. Stream may be curved, but not the water.
2. Sugarcane (Ikshu) may be crooked, but not the sweet juice.
3. The body may be defective and not the soul.

* * * * *
When we speak of the limit of a2-b2/a-b when a=b, we do not mean the limit of the numerator divided by the limit of the denominator; but we mean the limit of the quotient resulting from actually dividing the numerator by the denominator, which when a made equal to b, is 2a.

This shows that ratio is a quantity quite independent of the separate value of either of the original quantities. [Cf. H and O and H20.]

Note the difference, if any, between form arrangement and ratio-relation.

Jagat is the ratio Pramata/Prameya (both numerator and denominator being functions of Atman.

On marriage, death, and birth occasions, showering of wealth meant the keeping up of Samashti Drishti, ignoring all sense of individual gain and loss. Brahmasatyam Jaganmithya.

Laws grind the weak, for strong men rule the laws.

* * * * *
A juggler took a first class passenger by the hand. All the bystanders at the Railway platform cried out: “Oh that is Nawab Sahib, what have you done? What is the matter with you?”

The juggler says: “He is no Nawab, he is a Badmash. He has only a third class ticket and travels in the first class” and so it turned out.
What a Tamasha.

Just so Achyuta

O Devadeva Rama, the worldly detectives and critics, they are only jugglers they merely show (Urdu word) to you, none can touch in the least your majesty or Holiness.