The moon is up, they see the moon,
I drink Thine eyebrows light,
Pig shows they hold full crowded, soon,
I watch and watch Thee, source of sight
I Nay, call no surgeons, doctors none,
For me my pain is all delight.
Adieu! Ye citizens! Cities, Good bye
O welcome, dizzy, ethereal heights!
O Fashion, custom, virtue, and vice.
O Law, convention, peace and fight
O friends and foes, relations, ties,
Possession, passion, wrong and right.
Good bye, O time and space; Good bye!
Good bye! O world and day and night,
My love is flowers, music, light,
My love is day, my love is night.
Dissolved in me all dark and bright.
O what a peace, peace and joy!
O leave me alone, My love and I,
Good bye, Good bye, Good bye.