It was seen that they make shiploads of the pearls, diamonds, rubies, and gems that you shower along your way and never content go on making load and load but somehow I am in love with Thee. I wish not to make shiploads, nor even to load my pockets. Your suns and stars – the ruin of your love-sparks – your creations and lights – all these may be good for astronomers and scientists and other men to see and enjoy and for gods to rule and govern, but to me, O my Beloved, Thy presence, Thy sight, the possession of Thee is all.

I am not anxious to live, for these years you can give to some, more monkeys to be men, but if Thou wishest me to live, I will live not to work but to keep gazing at Thee. The poor astronomer sees only stars, I see Thee – O source of infinite Beauty, Joy, and Love. To love is better than to live. To witness is better than to act. I will not be actor then, I will live and move in Thee.

* * * *
To paint is one thing and to know a tree is quite another. I may know a leaf and yet not paint it.

* * * *
A man, who cannot govern himself, cannot be free since others must govern him. So, a nation that cannot govern herself cannot be independent.

The whole world dwells in the eyes, yet not a straw can stay on the eye.

* * * *
The lamp is glorious, yet it is lit by yourself.
1. Objects, visible through light and eyes.
2. Light, visible through eyes alone.
3. Atman visible by itself.

The crow sees only the body; (Urdu word) sees the (pearl) Truth. Sky is not disturbed by the air; so Atma intact by (Urdu word).

Om multiplied thousand-fold when spoken not only through tongue but through (Urdu word).

Hard mountains and hard Earth produce soft flowers, beautiful foliage; why should not hard hearts and stone bosoms?

* * * *
We must distinguish between causes and occasions.

* * * *
Stretch the old formula to cover the new thing.

Fear implies lack of faith. Fear invites danger. Fear is the most expensive guest to entertain. We invite what we fear.
Memory, like all other qualities of the mind, is moderated or regulated by a certain condition of the brain, but does not depend on any particular part of this organ.

A willing horse may be spurred into rebellion.

* * * *
Castles in the air are always necessary before we can have castles on the ground before we can have castles in which to live.

The beautiful horns of cows and bulls terrify you, lest your bowels are ‘torn. You always think of the poison of snake but not the beauty of its skin. You always dread lion’s roar but never try to hear and enjoy the wild music of his thunder.

* * * *
Is it not a diseased brain that makes you afraid of the walls and curtains and lamps and swords, antelope horns, the tiger faces, pictures of your friends and other sundry tapestries that adorn your drawing rooms. Can you not feel this world a state-hall set with trophies of your hunting excursions?
The morning breeze blows and is not anxious how many and what sort of flowers bloom, it only blows in everything and those buds that are full ripe to sprout, open their eyes.

* * * *
But be what may, the whole affair borrows its grandeur from only one reaction of Chemistry.

It is only one reaction of the heart that brings about a happy revolution in the whole country.

* * * *
The cock does not crow but the light of the dawn makes him crow.

* * * *
What is the motive force which drives your hand to wash your face or scratch your head or dress you up?

* * * *
Should the day of Truth not dawn in courtesy to your night of Ignorance?
Is an infant less wonderful than a man; an acorn less wonderful than an oak tree; a cell, including^ potentially within itself all that it has to become hereafter, less wonderful than all the moving creatures that have life?