This Chapter is Taken from The Book “Glimpses of The Life and Teachings of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi” described by Frank H. Humphreys.

I went by motor and climbed up to the cave. He smiled when He saw me but was not the least surprised. Before He had sat down, He had asked me a question private to myself, of which He knew, showing that He recognised me. Everyone who comes to Him is open as a book, and a single glance suffices to reveal its contents.

“You have not yet had any food and are hungry.”

I admitted that it was so. He immediately called to a chela to bring me food — rice, ghee, fruit, etc., eaten with the fingers, as natives do not use spoons. Though I have practised eating this way I lack dexterity. So He gave me a coconut spoon to eat with, smiling and talking between whiles.You can imagine nothing more beautiful than His smile. I had coconut milk to drink, white like cow’s milk and delicious, to which He had himself added sugar.

When I had finished I was still hungry, and He knew it and ordered more. He knew everything, and when others pressed me to eat fruit when I had had enough He stopped them at once.

I had to apologise for my way of drinking. He only said, “Never mind”. Natives are particular about this. They never sip nor touch the vessel with their lips, but pour the liquid straight in, thus many can drink from the same cup without fear of infection.

Whilst I was eating He was relating my past history to the others, and accurately too. Yet He had seen me but once before, and many hundreds in between. He simply turned on clairvoyance as we would refer to an encyclopaedia. I sat for about three hours listening to His teaching. (He had been shown a book, printed from a manuscript given to me by Mrs R. W. D. Nankivell, to get His opinion about it. He praised it highly, and quoted from it.)

I heard that on one occasion, when a chela asked Him a question, He picked up the book, pointed to a passage in it, and said, “There is your answer”.

Later on I was thirsty, for it had been a hot ride, but I would not have shown it for worlds. Yet He knew, and told a chela to make me some lemonade.

At last I had to go, so bowed as we do, and went outside the cave to put on my boots. He came outside too, and said I might come to see Him again.