We hunger and thirst like a man without food, crave a taste of realization, chant mantram, putting the breath of mind into the flute. Search out, therefore, in the lake of mind the innumerable selfish desires and crush them one by one – make firm resolutions, and take solemn vows. When you come out of the lake, the waters will poison none who drink. Let cows, women, men drink – the poison of revilers will turn to pure water flowing fresh from God. Seek out points of weakness and eradicate them. Desires prevent concentration and until purity and knowledge of Self exist, real concentration cannot be had. Eradicate first that which brings you down when trying to concentrate. Be true to yourself. In this country there are too many Lectures given by others. You must lecture to yourself. No progress comes without this.

Before going to bed, sit down and mark the faults that have to be removed. Read the Bible, the Gita, the Upanishads, or such writers as Emerson. If greed or grief be the fault, with the aid of this reading, reflect why this fault exists, why it must go, how it hinders you, lift up your mind from it, chant OM. When convinced that it is subdued, feel that it is overcome, and think of it no more. One by one take up these dragon’s heads, crush them, lecture on each one to yourself. Everyone must do his own work. While meditating, hum OM while the voice chants, and influences of celestial sound go on, – you will be helped and having formed a beautiful influence will come out strengthened. This is the first process.

The basic cause of all evils is Ignorance in all its shapes – Ignorance of the true Atma, and the desire to identify one’s self with the body, with pleasures from without, and liability to be grieved, injured, afflicted. When you realize that you are the Infinite Self, how can you be subject to passion or grief? People say that moral laws are not sure like mathematical ones. It is a mistake. In caves and remote forests, you will be amazed to find that grass starts up in testimony against you – walls and trees testify to your condemnation. Those who do not know the cause fight with surroundings! Here is a Divine Law which may be proclaimed as irrefragable. Try to throw dust in God’s eyes and you will be blinded yourself. Harbour impurity and suffer the consequences. These laws will be proved one by one, being proved, man cannot stoop to sordid desires.

Once you gain mastery over unholy desires, you may gain concentration for as long as you please.

Do not starve and do not overfeed; both are to be avoided. Fasting often comes naturally, for instincts are to be followed whether the instinct is to eat or to fast. Slavery is to be avoided. Be Master.

Certain days in India, such as the day of the full moon, are proved to be conducive to concentration. Experiment and you will find such days helpful specially if you eat nuts, bread, fruit.

Om! Om!! Om!!!