I heard a knock, a hard blow,
At my gate, and cried I,
“Who is it? Ho.”
I wondering, waited, entranced, and Lo!
How soft and sweet Love whispered low
“Tis Thou that knockest, do you not know? “
My sweetheart dear, Come near and near,

Smiling, glancing, Singing, and dancing.
I bowed, with sighs. He didn’t reply.
I prayed and knelt. He left and went.
“Why cut me so? Pray, stay; don’t go.”
He answered slow, “No, no.”
I entreated hard, “Pray, sit by me, Lord.”
He answered: “Wouldst Thou sit by me?
When, do, please, sit by Thee.”
I: “Do unto me speak.”
He: “Enter Thou into silence deep”I:
“I would clasp Thee and kiss;
Dear, grant me but this.”
“Thou shall clasp thyself and kiss?
I am one with Thee, why miss?
“My form Divine
Is an image of Thine.
Why seek Thee form,
O Source of charm?
With Thee I lie,
You outward fly.
Don’t slight mc so.
Why outward go?”
A line companionship I know,
In all I see and hear.
My Mistress is the buxom wind,
I taste the breath of showers.
To me the whispering leaves are kind,

And sweet the lips of flowers
I Had a welcome in the skies,
Another in the grass.