Truth for authority and no authority for Truth. Children will naturally behave if the inevitable results of their doing are clearly shown to them. But when we force them to do or not to do certain things on our authority, we insult the higher nature of the rational animals and thereby create in them the spirit of rebellion. Nobody touches fire when he comes to know that it burns. Need we issue any edicts to save them from fire?

Knowledge! Knowledge! Knowledge alone can save! “Knowledge is virtue,” said Socrates. “Thou shalt bow before no other authority but Truth (living Knowledge)” is the first commandment of our inner God.

You cannot coerce them to morality.

* * * *
1. A free man receives a fortune from a prince. “What shall I do with it?” How to use it for the
good of all?
“No, no,” says the free man “it should be used in erecting the Privy.
Thus and thus alone can all classes and creeds profit from it.

2. In Ludhiana District, people fled from their village, scared by the ravages of Plague. The Nadar flies, in hot haste leaving his old aunt behind.

Burglars, aware of the flight, break into the house at night.